Plasticizer DBP 99.5% Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) CAS 84-74-2

Short Description:

Chemical name: Dibutyl phthalate
Other name: DBP
CAS #: 84-74-2
Purity: 99.5% min
Molecular formula: C6H4(COOC4H9)2
Molecular weight: 278.35
Chemical Properties: Colorless transparent oily liquid, slightly aromatic odor.Soluble in common organic solvents and hydrocarbons.
Application: DBP is used as plasticizer for polyvinyl acetate, alkyd resin, nitrocellulose, ethyl cellulose and neoprene and nitrile rubber, etc.

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1. DBP is the major plasticizer for celluosic resin and PVC products, especially suitable for the nitrocellulose coating. It has quite good solubleness, decomposability and adhesiveness, as well as softness and stability. Since the good intermiscibility, it can be used to colored film, artificial leather and plastics, and also good plasticizer or softener for natural rubber in the aspect of improving the products’ rebound resilience.
2. Application examples: Plastic hose, shoes material, artificial leather, coating, PVC water pipe, air tube, flexible conduit, painting, organic glasses, colored film etc.

Packing & Storage

200KG/DRUM, 1000KG/IBC TANK or as request;
Non-hazardous chemicals. Store at RT. Containers are kept tightly closed and stored in dry and ventilated places.

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