99% Dicumyl peroxide (DCP) CAS 80-43-3

Short Description:

Chemical name: Dicumyl peroxide
Other name: DCP, Bis(1-methyl-1-phenylethyl) peroxide, Bis(α,α-dimethylbenzyl) peroxide
CAS No.: 80-43-3
Purity: 99%
Molecular Formula: [C6H5C(CH3)2]2O2
Molecular Weight: 270.37
Chemical Properties: DCP is a white crystalline powder, stable at room temperature, gradually turns yellowish when exposed to light, insoluble in water, soluble in benzene, cumene, ether, petroleum ether, slightly soluble in ethanol, is a strong oxidant, can be used as a mono Initiator of bulk polymerization, vulcanizing agent, crosslinking agent, curing agent, flame retardant additive of polymer materials, etc.
Application: It can be used as an initiator for monomer polymerization, a vulcanizing agent, a crosslinking agent, a curing agent, and a flame retardant additive for polymer materials.

Product Detail

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White crystal


≥ 99%

Melting point

≥ 39.00 

Total volatile

≤ 0.20%

Active oxygen content

≥ 5.85%


DCP is an excellent organic peroxide, mainly used as a crosslinking agent for polyethylene and EVA resin; and a vulcanizing agent for EPDM, natural rubber, nitrile rubber, etc.; an initiator for polymerization; It can also be used as curing agent for unsaturated polyester; polypropylene melt index modifier, etc. Widely used in wire and cable, EPS, shoemaking, flame retardant coatings and other industries.

Packing & Storage

20kg / Carton (The internal packing of this product is PE plastic bags, and the net weight of each bag is 5 kg. The external packing is corrugated paper, and the net weight of each carton is 20 kg.)
Hazardous chemicals, transport hazard class : 5.2, Packaging group: Ⅱ, UN number: 3110
The storage temperature: below 30 ℃.
In the transportation, the exposure to strong sunlight and rain should be avoided.
Protect it from heat, strong acid, and reducing agents in storage and transportation.

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