98% Isopropyl palmitate (IPP) CAS 142-91-6

Short Description:

Chemical name: Isopropyl palmitate
Other name: IPP, Isopropyl hexadecanoate
CAS No.: 142-91-6
Purity: 98%
Formula: CH3(CH2)14COOCH(CH3)2
Molecular Weight: 298.50
Chemical Properties: Isopropyl palmitate (IPP) is a colorless to light yellow oily liquid, soluble in alcohol, ether, insoluble in glycerin and water. IPP has stable performance, is not easy to oxidize or produce peculiar smell, can make the skin soft without greasy feeling, is an excellent skin emollient. It is widely used in cosmetics.

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Colorless or light yellow oily liquid

Assay (Ester)

≥ 98%

Acid value (mgKOH/g)

≤ 0.5

Melting point

≤ 16


Isopropyl Palmitate is a traditional, refreshing, fast-spreading emollient for modern cosmetics. Used as a primary carrier or conditioning ingredient in a wide range of cosmetic applications. Its performance is stable, it is not easy to oxidize or produce peculiar smell, it can make the skin soft without greasy feeling, and it is an excellent skin emollient.
Isopropyl palmitate is a small-molecule oil with a small molecular weight, which can penetrate into the epidermis, prevent water evaporation, moisturize the skin, and improve symptoms such as dryness and dehydration. But at the same time, it also penetrates keratinocytes, and excessive use can make the skin keratinized and rough and yellowish. And experiments have shown that isopropyl palmitate promotes the proliferation of Malassezia bacteria, which can lead to fungal acne, which is why some people get acne when using powdered water.
Isopropyl palmitate is widely used in cosmetics and has excellent moisturizing and moisturizing effects on the skin. The skin absorbs this product very well, and it can effectively contact the hair follicles in the cortex, penetrate deep into the cortex, and bring the active components in the cosmetic into full play. As a cosmetic solvent and skin moisturizer and penetrant, isopropyl palmitate can be used in sol products, bath oils, hair conditioners, skin creams, sunscreens, shaving creams and other cosmetics. The amount of this product added in cosmetics is 2-10%.

Packing & Storage

175KG/Drum (Net weight) or as request;
Non-hazardous chemicals, Store in a cool and dry place, keep tightly closed

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