97.5% Butyl stearate CAS 123-95-5

Short Description:

Chemical name: Butyl stearate
Other name: Stearic acid butyl ester, Octadecanoic acid butyl ester
CAS #: 123-95-5
Purity: 97.5% min
Molecular formula: CH3(CH2)16COO(CH2)3CH3
Molecular weight: 340.58
Chemical Properties: Colorless or light yellow oily liquid, soluble in acetone, chloroform, soluble in ethanol, insoluble in water.
Application: Butyl stearate is PVC cold resistant additive, widely used in PVC transparent flexible board, cable material, artificial leather and calendring film manufacturing.

Product Detail

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Colorless transparent liquid

Acidity ( KOH mg/g )

≤ 0.2%

Density ( 20℃)


Flash point

≥ 180℃

Moisture (%)

≤ 0.1

Ester content

≥ 97.5%

Color ( Pt-Co)

≤ 30


Butyl stearate is widely used in PVC transparent flexible board, cable material, artificial leather and calendered film as PVC cold-resistant auxiliary agent. Dosage 5-10%. As an internal lubricant, this product is widely used in PVC sheets, plates, pipes, pipe fittings, profiled materials and bottle granules, heat shrinkable films and twisted conjunctival films. The dosage is 1-3%. As a plasticizer for nitrocellulose and ethyl cellulose, when used in coatings, it can improve the gloss, water resistance and scratch resistance of the paint film. Can improve plasticizing efficiency. It also improves the processability and release properties of many resins including polystyrene, vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate and nitrile rubber. In addition, this product can be used as a lubricant for aluminum foil rolling and metal wire drawing. As cosmetic auxiliary, used as cream. Moisturizer for lip balm products. This product is a lubricant and mold release agent in the processing of various resins. It is widely used in transparent soft and hard PVC extrusion, injection molding and calendering products and polystyrene products. It can also be used as lubricants, water repellents and additives for lubricating oils, shoe polishes and cosmetics for metals and fabrics. It can also be used as a plasticizer for nitrocellulose, ethyl fiber and a paint film modifier for coatings.

Packing & Storage

200KG/DRUM, 1000KG/IBC TANK or as request;
Non-hazardous chemicals. Store at RT. Containers are kept tightly closed and stored in dry and ventilated places.

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